JVM offers a complete package of services, managing, design build military and GSA projects in the tri-state area. We specialize in streamlining project management and excel at complicated projects.

Our teams of experts are some of the most experienced and qualified on the West Coast. We work closely with designers and engineers in the conceptual phase of the project all the way through until the final inspection. Employees are encouraged to be innovative and creative in their solutions and they are extremely dedicated to providing the client with exactly the solution for the need. We also work with the highest quality subcontractors enabling a complete mechanical package to include: engineering, wet, dry mechanical, and DDC controls.

  • Design Build & Design Bid Build
  • Retrofit for Existing Systems
  • Construction and Pre-Construction Surveys
  • New Construction
  • Budgets based on RFP’s
  • Time lines based on RFP’s
  • Engineering
  • DDC Controls
  • Dry side HVAC
  • Wet side HVAC
  • GSA Contracts
  • Military Contracts
  • Sole Source
  • Hospitals
  • New technology’s HVAC systems
  • Ground up
  • Renovations
  • DDC controls
  • Maintenance
  • Factory Start-up / Performance Verifications Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Comfort Test and Balance
  • Mechanical, Hydronic, and Conditioned Air
  • Ventilation Systems


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